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Creating a Vibrant Brand FRIDOUG Identity, Fueled by Ghanaian Excellence.

A successful brand strategy relies on building a strong and independent identity, capable of supporting a solid, autonomous business model. This is the goal of FRIDOUG, a leading Ghanaian player in construction services—to become a global brand that draws on a legacy of building and construction.

We developed a rebranding strategy and new brand identity for Fridoug, based on an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape and new opportunities in the field. Based on these insights, we developed a positioning that is distinctive, relevant, and credible, as well as a visual identity capable of expressing such elements.

The evolution of the Fridoug brand was based on a core concept: for Fridoug, the extraordinary is ordinary.

The visual identity also conveys these distinctive qualities, with the safety helmet communicating Fridoug's fundamental values of solidity, cooperation, openness, flexibility and safety. The unique color palette is representative of the sector in which Fridoug operates.

  • Client: Lucy Quist
  • Category: branding