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Learning Made Easy with Handawt

The makers of “Handawt”, an academic app seeking to enhance the link between lecturer and student, approached invictus to create an identity for their new app. Believing that the way we learn needs to evolve into a more social and immersive experience, “Handawt” gives people the luxury of discovering and connecting with their lecturers with ease. We approached the engagement by considering user experience and identity as one and the same. From the brand identity to the UI design and iconography, every aspect of the “Handawt” brand has been crafted to express the concept of ‘Easy Learning’. We crafted our identity with the adinkra symbol “NYANSAPO” Meaning wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence and patience. Using the ingenuity of our brand to guide creative process, and together with knowledge and skills, create desired results

  • Client: Handawt
  • Category: Branding, design